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90550 Oulu
+358 503 048 554
Masters in Human Computer Interaction – Umeå University (Courses description Download pdf)
Bachelor in Computer Engineering - Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (Courses description Download pdf)
Behavioral change through light variation
The prototype of a gadget that shows the date, time, temperature and visualise the changes through light. Watch the project's video View code
Unsolicited: A study on the attitudes of Swedish teachers regarding the inclusion of tangible and non-tangible ICT
Thesis on attitudes of Swedish teacher towards tangible and none tangible IT in education.Download pdf
Open Umea (municipality project)
Design of an innovative service, based on open data, that will enrich them and increase their use by citizens and companies. Download pdf Download presentation
IKSU Web Page Evaluation
Evaluation of IKSU web page user experience using inspection methods in combination with empirical usability evaluation methods. Download pdf
Design of an Embodied, Dyslectic Friendly Study Area
Design of an embedded to the environment study area, where the student will interact with the artifacts that they need in a natural way, using existing technology. Download pdf
Behavioral Change in Smart Kitchen Environment
Development of smart kitchen environment that can bring behavioral change in elderly people in order to encourage them for a healthier lifestyle. The analysis of the kitchen environment conducted by using Activity theory, Cognitive work analysis and the Fogg behavior model. Download pdf
Activating Seniors Through HCI
Design of an application that motivates and help seniors to preserve their memory and exercise their brain through a fun and social way Download pdf
Analysis of The Umeå University Library System
Analysing and improving the Umeå university's library System. Download pdf
Comparing Complexities
Analysing and comparing the complexities of tablets and desktop computers. Download pdf
Bachelor thesis in flash 8, actionscript 2
E-Learning Application for Primary School Children In Order To Learn Music in Adaptive and Adaptable Environment.(please extract folder & open index.html file) Download application
Web page developing
Web page developing for practicing javascript (temporarily unavailable through internet)
Korta vägen - Swedish Unemployment Office
Eight months full time course in Swedish language and Swedish society.
Prototyping Interaction (15 credits) - Umeå University
Full time course that introduces different ways of prototyping and information visualization. We became familiar with 3D printing, Arduino, Processing , Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and paper as prototyping tools.
Continuation Course in Swedish (30 credits) – Umeå University
Five months full time course in intermediate Swedish (B2 level).
SFI (Swedish for Immigrants school) - Umeå Municipality
Distance course in Swedish
Swedish for International Students, Beginners Course II (15 credits) – Umeå University
Half time course for Swedish language basics part 2.
Swedish as a Foreign Language Course 1-2 (15 credits) – Umeå University
Half time course for Swedish language basics part 1.
Web and Mobile Applications Development
Forty hours seminar focused on web applications development by the use and combination of XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL technologies by distinguished students from department of Electrical and Computer Engineering - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
Visual Studio 2008: ASP.NET 3.5
Forty hours seminar focused on learning ASP.NET 3.5 based on Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2008 by Microsoft and Infolab.
Visual Studio 2008: ADO.NET 3.5
Forty hours seminar that focuses on learning data base management as part of an application based on Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2008 by Microsoft and Infolab.
Developing Web Applications Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
Forty hours seminar focused on learning how to create web sites and e-stores based on Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2008 by Microsoft and Infolab.
2005 - 2007
Participation in meetings
Participating in meetings focused on Youth Entrepreneurship, E-Trade – E-Business, Legal Framework on the Internet – Legal Ethics, Safety on the Internet, Application for New Programs. E-Business, Safety on the Internet. by Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki and Festival Fitisi
Internship at Toontrack Music as Interaction Designer.
Full time employee for three months as interaction designer. Conducted program evaluations and user data analysis. Designed alternatives for website layouts and interactions. Created requirement list for products and participated in system analysis. Extra learning outcome: to see how a swedish company works and practice swedish.
2009 - 2010
Internship at Dotsoft Company as a Front End Developer and Software Tester.
Full time employee for six months as a frond end developer. Designed the pages for the clients and tested the final web page. Extra learning outcome: how to adjust and cooperate with companies and organization of different culture.
Tutoring on XHTML and CSS
Tutoring XHTML and css basics to a master program student. Extra learning outcome: understand other people's point of view and abilities in order to adjust and transfer knowledge.
Product Promotion Under The Promotion Sales Center Company
Part time summer job targeting on sales by promoting the product. Extra learning outcome: how to attract the attention of different kinds customers in a supermarket on a particular product.
Member and Administrator of a music band - Erevos
I was a member and administrator of a music band. That gave me the opportunity to cooperate with a wide variety of people from different cultures. As a result I gain to observe, think fast, be creative, adjustable and have open mind for new ideas by being responsible for scheduling the band's activities (rehearsals, recordings, interviews e.t.c), travellings, accommodation and any other administrative obligations of the band, as such I gain advanced organizational skills.
Saleswoman at Cloths Stores of LM Company
Full time summer job in family cloth stores as saleswoman but also responsible for one of the two stores. Extra learning outcome: how to communicate with demanding customers, keep control under peak hours and take care of the store's needs.
Greek: Native language
English: Advanced
Swedish: Advanced
My hobbies are music (listening and playing), watching films mostly european or classic, recently I started to draw and I love long walks, going to museums and learn new things.